Making of Mondays Episode 2

This is the second installment in my new series, Making of Mondays. In this episode I am joined by my husband, Patrick Merrick.

We create a surreal, conceptual photograph based on Patrick’s experimental horror short story “Six O’Clock at the Saturn Canal.”

Here’s a quote from the story:

“I dreamt myself as a dream of a thought produced from no core, no seed, wandering through nothing, repeating a single useless bit of expression that was at first a laugh, then a cry of despair, and finally an impassive proclamation of extinction trying to fill the surrounding empty eternities with the infinitesimal speck of itself.”

This is a super fun episode and the image we create is one of my absolute favorites!!

I hope you enjoy watching and look forward to hearing your feedback.

What do you think about the image we created?

Do you have any questions about the process?

Please feel free to comment or send me an email!

If you love this image as much as we do, you can purchase a print here!