Natalie Arriola Photography


In the philosophical writings of Immanuel Kant he speaks of his idea of the sublime. The experience of the sublime, for Kant, comes in part as the result of a failure in human cognition. When we find ourselves in the presence of something truly magnificent in scope or design our minds attempt to process and understand it, but we are incapable of fully comprehending what is before us and it is this failure which produces within us the feeling of awe which Kant referred to as the sublime.

This may also be thought of as a spiritual experience. It is a moment in which the shear enormity of the universe presents itself to us and reminds us of our own insignificance. Paradoxically this experience of insignificance is not limiting, but freeing: it reminds us how petty are the complaints and discomforts of our daily lives and allows our joyful moments to reveal themselves as the tiny blessings that they are.